Babe Ruth’s 1923 Classic Championship Watch Set to Go to the Highest Bidder

The classic world-championship watch presented to the 1923 New York Yankees and George Herman “Babe” Ruth is looking for a new home. The mesmerizing timepiece will officially go up for auction on February 22 at the Heritage Auctions’ Sports Platinum Night Auction in New York and fetch upwards of $750,000, experts predict.

According to Chris Ivy, the director of sports collectibles at Heritage, the watch is one of the most important pieces of the New York Yankees memorabilia in existence. The watch was award to Ruth after the Yankees beat the New York Giants in just six games to cinch the championship title. The watch is a timeless commemoration of Ruth’s .368 batting average during the series, three homers included. Believed lost until 1988, the watch was recovered and sold into a private sports collection, where it will remain until the 22nd.

The 14-karat-gold Gruen Veri-Thin pocket watch has a unique, pentagonal format with an engraving on the back that features a miniature pitcher, hitter and catcher, with a ball in flight in their midst. “Yankees, World’s Champions 1923” hangs above the scene.

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