Austria’s Aqua Dome Makes a Splash for Travelers

Tucked neatly against the blanketed snow-capped mountains in Austria is the Aqua Dome, a tourist destination and mystifying aquatic resort that tallies more than 35,000 visitors each year. The Dome is a resort that features pools filled with thermal water that originates from a reservoir 2,000 meters below. It’s also home to a pristine sauna complex.

With more than 200 rooms, the hotel is a year round oasis and unlisted wonder of the world, with unparalleled views in a picturesque winter wonderland. The beauty of it all? You can take it in from the heat of the natural pools.

The Aqua Dome also features three interconnected bowl-shaped pools with underwater music and clever lighting effects. The hotel is home to a 23-meter pool with lap lanes for pleasure and sport swimmers.

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