An Ode to the Land Rover, Then and Now

In his book, Land Rover File, author Eric Dymock details his first trip to Cornwall to inspect the Range Rover, a new model of the beloved vehicle, marketed directly at gentleman farmers.

At first sight (and after first inspection), Dymock was smitten – and has stayed that way since. From everything to make, model and flawless design, the ability of the Range Rover to adapt – and never look back – has made the luxury vehicle a mainstay in the modern market. As Dymock writes, it’s the “choice for people, from royalty to celebrities, who can afford any car they want.”

This year, at the Land Rover’s 65th anniversary party, Dymock was reminded of just how incredible the Defender is: It can climb stairs, tread lightly over bumps, tilt 30 degrees sideways without panic or buckle and wade meters deep in water. And though it was made in a different era, the capabilities of the Defender flawlessly transcend all space and time.

In modern times, the line-up features six premiere models: Land Rover’s Defender, the Freelander, Discovery, the Sport, the Evoque and in coming years, it’s likely that Land Rover will introduce a baby Land Rover. In 2015, the Defender will foray into the unknown – forever. A new model, with details well hidden, is set for introduction for 2016 and it will undoubtedly mirror the Spartan Defender.

Source: Mr. Porter

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