Alen 68 Yacht: Reinventing By-Sea Travel

When the Alen 68 Yacht debuted, the boating community held their breath, then rejoiced and then when the last of the air had left their lungs, they pulled out their credit cards. The boat, which doubles as a cruising yacht and a day boat, offers 20% more space than every other vessel on the market and leaves the floor plan up to its owner. The flexible design uses a “pod system,” which means that you’ve got up to three cabins to accommodate guests, lounge and stretch your legs out.

With a cruising speed of 41 knots and a max speed of 45 knots, the Alen 68 was made to comfortably navigate the sea in a way that other yachts and boats struggle to; and innovative technology from the architects at Foster + Partners – who worked on the vessel – didn’t skimp on style while crafting a boat that could reach premiere speeds.

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