A Tale Of Two Billionaires…

There isn’t any particular conclusion to be drawn by comparing the individual biographies of billionaires Amancio Ortega and Eike Batista, but the contrast between the two moguls is certainly thought provoking. Eike Batista is a Brazilian who built an enormous net worth, at times nearly wholly based on the force of his personality. A man who always sought the attention of the media, his fortune has dwindled even more quickly than it was built and he now finds himself in a much harsher spotlight, as detailed in this Forbes story. Amancio Ortega’s tale is much different, although it’s a story he almost never tells himself, as he’s only sat for three interviews in his lifetime, as this profile points out. Although the founder of Zara is now considered the third richest man in the world, he’s no where near as recognizable as the men who sit ahead and behind him on the list, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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