A Modern, Minimalist Home in Saint Tropez

For sale through Sotheby’s, John Pawson’s stunning, minimalist home in the Parcs de Saint Tropez sits just steps away from its own private beach the bustling city center of the town. Pawson, the British “man of the moment” designer behind Design Museum’s all-new look in Kensington, London, is a labyrinth of symmetry and perfection. According to TheSpaces.com, the 5,166-sqaure-foot estate boasts a simple design, soothing palette of fresh neutrals, and thoughtful accents of stone and wood throughout.

The two-level villa features a fireplace, a restaurant-worthy kitchen space, a living room overlooking another living room, an en-suite bedroom, gym, garage, and three smaller bedrooms tucked comfortably inside the main estate. According to the Sotheby’s listing, the property is fully air-conditioned and features an air humidifier for “optimum comfort.” Large windows open onto a verdant park flush with fresh lavender and its own vineyard, complete with views of both the Gulf of Saint Tropez and the sea.

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