A Guide to Collecting Old Masters

Billionaire.com recently released a buyer’s guide to paintings, collectables, and antiques — the gems of the past, each with a story to tell. As the buzz surrounding the Old Masters grows in 2015, so will price points. Author David Leppan provides a how-to guide to determine quality, quantity and investment.

Leppan suggests narrowing down your focus. He encourages buyers to ask themselves whether they’re looking to buy a single great piece or if they’re looking to piece together a collection. For the latter, he suggests defining the period and then defining the artists. With that, Leppan says focusing on style and subject matter will also help refine and guide your search.

Prior to making an expensive buy, Leppan reminds it’s important to touch base with art historians or, at the very least, someone who can validate your purchase and affirm you’re getting the best quality before taking home the piece.

Lastly, Leppan reminds that although masters painted most Old Masters’ paintings, the studio likely had a hand in finishing off less-important aspects of the work, making copies all the more prominent.

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