A Day at the Races in Aston Martin’s Winter Track

Launching their first-ever winter driving course in North America, Aston Martin celebrated the bitter cold the way every driver dreams: racing round the course day after day despite the season’s daringly low temperatures.

Nestled in Crested Butte, Colorado, Aston Martin’s track sits comfortably cloaked under the shade of the Rocky Mountains. The track included a range of custom touches, including a skid pad, a full mile-long frozen race course, a slalom and a brake/cornering loop. Watch a video of highlights from the day here.

In the wake of the course’s first successful year, Aston Martin is already planning its return in 2015, once again, in the dead of winter. Julian Jenkins, president of Aston Martin the Americas, told The Daily News, “After this hugely successful first year we expect the On Ice program to become a mainstay of our customer experience offerings here in North America. The ability to experience a range of our cars in a unique and controlled environment resonates with Aston Martin customers and enthusiasts who are united by a shared passion for driving.”

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