2016/2017 Premier League

The 2016/2017 Premier League season kicked off the weekend of August 13 with wins for Hull City, Swansea City, Chelsea, and Manchester City. The following weekend, Manchester United once again trumped Stoke City, 4-1. As reigning champions, Manchester City is one again the team to beat — and one of the most exciting to watch. As happens every year, the 20 teams in the Premier League will each face off against the other twice throughout the 10-month-long season, earning three points each time they win and one point each for a draw. Points matter; according to BBCAmerica.com, if two or more teams earn the same number of points, there’s a “hierarchy of factors” used to separate them, including something called “goal difference,” which means the number of goals they’ve given up is subtracted from goals they’ve earned, and then goals scored.

Though Liverpool has been the most historically successful team in the Premier League, they’ve yet to take home a championship title. This year, they’re looking to change that. Tim Howard, arguably the most famous U.S. soccer player in the Premier League, is back again this year tending goal on Everton’s team, while other American athletes — Geoff Cameron, playing for Stoke City, Jozy Altidore, playing for Sunderland, Brad Guzan, playing for Aston Villa — have made their mark on the games as well.

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